Building Locations

Hub 3939 outside from the ground

Hub 3939

The Hub building standing tall

Hub, The

Huntsman Hall as seen from the street

Huntsman Hall, Jon M.

Hutchinson Gymnasium as seen through trees

Hutchinson Gymnasium

Inn at Penn, Hilton

Inn at Penn, Hilton

Institute of Contemporary Art exterior

Institute of Contemporary Art

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church

Iron Gate Theatre

Irvine Auditorium exterior

Irvine Auditorium

Jaffe History of Art Building through the trees

Jaffe History of Art Building, Elliot and Roslyn

John Morgan Building

John Morgan Building

Johnson Pavilion entrance

Johnson Pavilion, Robert Wood

Jordan Medical Education Center interior

Jordan Medical Education Center

Spruce Plaza

Kane Park, Edward W.

kaskey park pond view

Kaskey Park

Katz Center exterior

Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, Herbert D.

Kelly Writers House exterior

Kelly Writers House

Kings Court / English College House as seen from street level

Kings Court / English College House

Laboratory for Research as seen from the parking lot

Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter

Lauder College House aerial photo with green space in the middle

Lauder College House

Lauder Institute surrounded by trees

Lauder Institute

The Left Bank seen from the street level

Left Bank, The

Leidy Laboratories of Biology framed by trees on either side

Leidy Laboratories of Biology

Music Building as seen from the corner

Lerner Center

Levin Building Exterior

Levin Building, Stephen A.

Levine Hall facade

Levine Hall, Melvin and Claire - Weiss Tech House

Levine North street view

Levine North

Levy Center

Levy Center for Oral Health Research

the brick facade of the Carriage House LGBT Center entrance

LGBT Center

Locust House framed by trees

Locust House

Locust Walk, 3609-11

3615 Locust Walk building through trees

Locust Walk, 3615

Locust Walk, 3619 outside entrance

Locust Walk, 3619

View of side of Luna at Pine

Luna on Pine

Mabel Pew Myrin Pavilion

Mabel Pew Myrin Pavilion

3401 Market Street corner view

Market Street, 3401

3440 Market Street view of building from the street

Market Street, 3440

Wellness at Penn

Market Street, 3535

3600 Market Street

Market Street, 3600

3615 Market Street with trees lining the front

Market Street, 3615

3624 Market Street facade

Market Street, 3624

3700 Market Street building

Market Street, 3700

3701 Market Street as seen from below

Market Street, 3701

3910 Market

Market Street, 3910

A view of David Rittenhouse Labs from the street

Math/Physics/Astronomy Library - DRL

Mayer Residence Hall

Mayer Residence Hall (Stouffer College House)

McKenzie / Brown Gallery image

McKenzie / Brown Galleries

McNeil Building

McNeil Building

McNeil Center for Early American Studies

McNeil Center for Early American Studies