Arts and Sciences

Carolyn Lynch Laboratory street view of building

Carolyn Lynch Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratories: 1958 Wing street view

Chemistry Laboratories: 1958 Wing

Chemistry Laboratories: 1973 Wing

Chemistry Laboratories: Cret Wing

Claudia Cohen Hall facade through trees

Cohen Hall, Claudia

College Hall facade surrounded by trees

College Hall

David Rittenhouse Laboratory as seen from the road

David Rittenhouse Laboratory

Fisher Bennett Hall as seen from across the intersection

Fisher - Bennett Hall

Fox-Fels Hall street view

Fox-Fels Hall

Franklin Building Annex with people walking by the front

Franklin Building Annex

Goddard Laboratories

Hayden Hall

Hayden Hall

Irvine Auditorium exterior

Irvine Auditorium

Jaffe History of Art Building through the trees

Jaffe History of Art Building, Elliot and Roslyn

kaskey park pond view

Kaskey Park

Laboratory for Research as seen from the parking lot

Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter

Leidy Laboratories of Biology framed by trees on either side

Leidy Laboratories of Biology

Music Building as seen from the corner

Lerner Center

Levin Building, Stephen A.

3440 Market Street view of building from the street

Market Street, 3440

Market Street, 3535

Market Street, 3600

3615 Market Street with trees lining the front

Market Street, 3615

3624 Market Street facade

Market Street, 3624

3701 Market Street as seen from below

Market Street, 3701

McNeil Building

McNeil Center for Early American Studies

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology exterior

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

High Bay Rendering Exterior, vertical north side

New High Bay Laboratory

Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics outside view

Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics

External view of modern building against blue sky

Singh Center for Nanotechnology, Krishna P.

Solomon Building street view

Solomon Building

St. Leonard's Complex

Stiteler Hall facade

Stiteler Hall

Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories of the IAST street view

Vagelos Laboratories of the IAST, Roy and Diana

Walnut Street Rendering view of VLEST

Vagelos Laboratory for Energy Science and Technology

Walnut Street, 3401

Walnut Street, 3809 street view

Walnut Street, 3809

Williams Hall street view looking up

Williams Hall