Planned Events

Various Divisions at the University control specific spaces; not all spaces are managed by FRES. Information on this page applies only to those outdoor spaces managed by FRES: Shoemaker Green, Highline Green, Kane Park, Penn Park Picnic Grove, Penn Park South Green. For information on using/renting other campus spaces, please visit Event Planning on the University's website.

Outdoor Events

The University has rules and regulations for outdoor events. Below are the rules that apply to all outdoor events

  1. Event planners must contact appropriate Building Administrators to obtain permission and coordinate the use of the area.
  2. Event planners must contact Facilities & Real Estate Services to schedule trash and recycling bin delivery. Fees will be assessed for this service.
  3. Lawns may not be used within two (2) days, after significant rainfall (greater than 1/2"), or when the lawn is obviously wet and spongy.
  4. Facilities & Real Estate Services reserves the right to conduct pre-and post-event inspections of the site to document conditions.
  5. Temporary structures for events or gatherings such as tents, tables, and chairs, or related equipment shall be set up on protective surfaces such as temporary wood flooring on hard surfaces, or wood chips on lawns. No equipment or related materials shall be left on lawns and must be removed within 24 hours of the event.
  6. No outdoor cooking on plazas, terraces, patios, etc. is permitted. When cooking on lawn areas and parking lots, protect the ground surface with a plywood covering of approximately twice the area of the cooking surface. Note: Open fire and cooking is prohibited in some parking facilities.
  7. When special events are planned where existing sanitary facilities are absent or inadequate, the sponsor will be required to obtain portable facilities. One (1) porta-potty is required for each anticipated 100 participants.
  8. Facilities & Real Estate Services should be contacted for access to power or water sources or the use of golf carts for transportation of equipment.
  9. Facilities & Real Estate Services will determine the necessity of temporary fencing to protect plantings or control entry for major events. The cost of fencing is the responsibility of the user.
  10. Distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages must be in compliance with state, county, and local zoning ordinances and laws and University regulations.
  11. All clean-up is the responsibility of the user. Any additional clean-up or repair required to return the area to its condition prior to the event will be provided by Facilities & Real Estate Services at the expense of the user.

Information on this page applies only to those outdoor spaces managed by FRES: Shoemaker Green, Highline Green, Kane Park, Penn Park Picnic Grove, and Penn Park South Green.

Requests for the above services at FRES-managed spaces can be made using the Open Space Rental Request Form.

If you have questions related to outdoor events only, at FRES-managed spaces, please contact Joe Haughey at 215-573-9382 or