Public Art

Closeup of a piece from Williamsburg Series atop a pedestal

#3 Williamsburg Series

Pathway lined with trees on either side

125 Years

Africa statue, one of four companion pieces


After Iyengar suspended from the ceiling

After Iyengar

America statue, one of four companion pieces


Penn campus metal statue

Antillean Couple

Asia statue, one of four companion pieces


sculpture titled Atmosphere and Environment XII

Atmosphere and Environment XII

Ben Franklin statue sitting on a park bench

Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin base

Benjamin Franklin

Blue Yonder Wander mural painted on the side of a building

Blue Yonder Wander



Celebration artwork on a white wall


Charles Custis Harrison statue in a courtyard

Charles Custis Harrison

Charles Lennig bust

Charles Lennig

Chuck Bednarick Sculpture

Chuck Bednarick

Class of 1956 Trolley

Class of 1956 Trolley

Column + Capital statue

Column + Capital

Construction '66

Construction '66

Construction For Outdoor

Construction For Outdoors #7

ancient Gerasa, Roman period Columns

Corinthian Column Capitals (N)

Corinthian Column Capitals seen from below

Corinthian Column Capitals (S)

Top half of Covenant


Doorway Lintel statue in the morning light

Doorway Lintel : Left

Doorway Lintel: Center in the morning light

Doorway Lintel: Center

Doorway Lintel: Right statue in the morning light

Doorway Lintel: Right

Double Lake Falls

Double Lake Falls

Dr. William Pepper seen from below

Dr. William Pepper

Edgar Fahs Smith base

Edgar Fahs Smith

Eltanin freestanding


Europe Statue seen from below


George Munger statue tight angle

George Munger

Female Guardian Lion statue

Guardian Lion : Female

Male Guardian Lion statue

Guardian Lion : Male

Homage To Georgia O'Keefe located between two trees

Homage To Georgia O'Keefe

Homage to Performing Art

Homage to Performing Art

Ivy Composition #2 surrounded by tables

Ivy Composition #2

Jean D'Aire freestanding statue

Jean D'Aire

Jerusalem Stabile outside on a patio

Jerusalem Stabile

John Harrison statue

John Harrison 1773-1833

Kelly Family Gates closed

Kelly Family Gates

Life Savers nestled beneath a tree

Life Savers

Lily Composition with a fountain

Lily Composition # 3

Lindemann Fountain viewed from the cornor

Lindemann Fountain

Lion's Head Fountain located near a flowering bush

Lion's Head Fountain

Love statue beneath a cherry blossom tree


Masnad from Torso Series

Masnad from the Torso Series

Twin Wrought Iron Gates

Memorial Gates