Public Art

Pan With Sundial kneeling statue

Pan With Sundial

Peace Symbol surrounded by nature

Peace Symbol

Chermayeff Penn Monolith obstructed by a tree

Penn Monolith

Plateau at night light up with soft lights

Plateau 2005

Freestanding Polyhedron Forms (Black Forest)

Polyhedron Forms (Black Forest)

Freestanding Pyramid


Quadrature #1 in front of a large building

Quadrature #1

A Drinking Fountain Scholar, Football Player base

Scholar, Football Player: A Drinking Fountain

Seated Woman statue surrounded by grass

Seated Woman

freestanding Shongun XXII

Shongun XXII

Six Triangles in red, pink, blue, green, yellow, and orange

Six Triangles

multiple people on the Social Consciousness sculpture

Social Consciousness

Solomon freestanding statue


Split Button laying on the ground

Split Button

Freestanding rings statue


Statue standing in front of a wall of windows


Statue spanning between buildings

Statue Between Buildings

The Eight, Modern Discus Thrower, The Plunger

The Eight, Modern Discus Thrower, The Plunger

Thomas Sovereign Gates bust

Thomas Sovereign Gates

Tribute To Tuskegee mural on the side of a building

Tribute To Tuskegee

University Museum Arms / Insignia nestled above an archway

University Museum Arms / Insignia

University Museum Fountain in front of a brick wall

University Museum Fountain

Voyager statue in front of artwork


War Memorial Flagpole with figures at the base

War Memorial Flagpole

Functional art on Pen campus

Wave Forms

refurbished and relocated in front of the Singh Center For Nanotechnology

We Lost

The Youthful Franklin statue

Youthful Franklin, The