Market Street, 3624

This building is partially leased to the University and is used by The School of Arts and Sciences and Wellness at Penn.

Student Health Services has rebranded as Wellness at Penn, supported by two pillars: Student Health and Counseling, which are our clinical services, and Public Health and Wellbeing, our health education, promotion and disease surveillance services.

Student Health and Counseling offices are:

Medical care: 3535 Market Street, First Floor

Counseling: 3624 Market Street, First Floor West

Wellness at Penn administrative offices and the Public Health and Wellbeing team are at 3535 Market Street, Mezzanine

(Not a University owned bldg.)

Market Street, 3624

Market Street, 3624

Building Code: 7026
Year Built: NA
Other Name: Randall M. Whaley Building