Building Locations

Philadelphia Heart Institute

Platt Student Performing Arts House

former Post Office view from waterfront

Post Office (former)

Pottruck Center with cars parked in the front

Pottruck Health and Fitness Center, David

President's House surrounded by trees

President's House

Penn Public Safety as seen from across the street

Public Safety, University of Pennsylvania

Quadrangle, The

Radian, The

A view of the Ralston House from the street

Ralston House

Richards Medical Research Laboratories

River Fields field hockey

River Fields

Robbins House front and back picture

Robbins House

Exterior view from 34th Street

Roberts Proton Therapy Center

A view of the Rodin College House exterior from the street level

Rodin College House

Rosenthal Building, The Gladys Hall

Rotunda with a view of the entrance from the sidewalk


Sidewalk view

Ryan Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander School view from ground level

Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander School

Sansom Place West

Sansom Street, 3414

Sansom Street, 3428-36

3808 Sansom Street parking lot

Sansom Street, 3808

Schattner Center, The Robert

Scheie Eye Institute

Sheraton University City outside ground level

Sheraton University City

View of lawn in front of the building

Shoemaker Green

Silverman Hall estate

Silverman Hall

External view of modern building against blue sky

Singh Center for Nanotechnology, Krishna P.

Skirkanich Hall sidewalk view

Skirkanich Hall

Smilow Center for Translational Research

Solomon Building street view

Solomon Building

Spruce House street view

Spruce House

3905 Spruce Street exterior

Spruce Street, 3905

St. Leonard's Complex

Steinberg Conference Center

Steinberg Hall - Dietrich Hall

A view of Stellar Chance Laboratories from the exterior ground level

Stellar - Chance Laboratories

Edward J. Stemmler Hall with people walking out of the building

Stemmler Hall, Edward J.

Stiteler Hall facade

Stiteler Hall

Stouffer College House entrance staircase

Stouffer College House

Stuart Weitzman Hall seen through the trees

Stuart Weitzman Hall

Student Health Service foyer

Student Health Service

rendering of proposed student performing arts center on Woodland Walk

Student Performing Arts Center

dark brick facade of substation four alongside a grassy walkway

Substation 4 Replacement

Sweeten Alumni House, E. Craig Sweeten street view

Sweeten Alumni House, E. Craig Sweeten

Nicole E. Tanenbaum Hall

Tanenbaum Hall, Nicole E.

Tangen Hall

Towne Building entrance

Towne Building