Stemmler Hall, Edward J.

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This medical education building has a structural sunscreen wall that reduces solar loading.

Planning Strategy

Stemmler Hall of the Perelman School of Medicine was renovated in a multi- phased project that replaced building systems and finishes that exceeded their useful life. With combined Century Bond and School funding, this project transformed Stemmler's research laboratories and support facilities into modern, highly efficient spaces.


The multi-phased approach replaced all infrastructure systems while completely transforming the building into open and efficient BSL-2 wet-bench research laboratory space with corresponding office and collaborative meeting spaces.

Stemmler Hall, Edward J.

Stemmler Hall, Edward J.

Building Code: 330
Phase: Completed
Year Built: 1978=9/2019
Floors: 9
Trustee Date: 2/19/81
Other Name: MEB, Med Ed, Edward J. Stemmler Hall, Medical Education Building
Area Manager
Jones, Andy
Building Manager
Pereira, Jennifer