FRES Faces Staff Profiles

FRES has highlighted some of our outstanding staff members with profiles created by each individual, showcasing a little more about their role and accomplishments in our department, favorite places on campus, and what inspires them along the way to make an impact, be innovative, or engage with our community.   Thank you for being the FACE of FRES!

James Allen, Operations & Maintenance

Bob Angstadt, Design & Construction

Jaynette Arrington, Administration (2021)

Taylor Berkowitz, Office of the University Architect

Mark Breitenbach, Design & Construction

Terence Brooks, Design & Construction

Chloe Cerwinka, Office of the University Architect

 Alice Cheng, Design & Construction

Mark Conway, Operations & Maintenance

Mike Coyne, Operations & Maintenance

Ke Feng, Office of the University Architect

Joe Gaither, Operations & Maintenance

Karen Gibson, Administration

Kate Gilbert, Design & Construction (2021)

David Halter, Design & Construction (2021)

Mark Kocent, Office of the University Architect

Eva Lew, Office of the University Architect (2021)

Bob Lundgren, Office of the University Architect

Bill McKeaney, Administration

Nina Morris, Office of the University Architect (2021)

Margo Pietras-Barnes, Design & Construction

Lindsay Purcell, Design & Construction (2021)

Karoline Prosperi, Administration

Jaime Rauer, Office of the University Architect

Gina Renzi, Real Estate

Betsy Robinson, Operations & Maintenance

Jackie SchlindweinOffice of the University Architect (2021)

, Office of the University Architect 

Johnny Sour, Administration

Jennifer Wetzel, Design & Construction

Kandace White, Administration (2021)

Last Updated: February 2, 2024