FRF Project Selection

The Director of Engineering and Energy Planning meets with each School and Center every year to review their needs, identify the School or Center’s priorities, and determine where those priorities match immediate or high needs in the database. These synergies can become a Facilities Renewal Fund project that is started in the upcoming fiscal year. Prior to the School or Center’s Capital Plan submission, the Director of Engineering and Energy Planning sends a letter identifying the projects that are earmarked for that coming fiscal year. These letters are approved by the Vice President of Facilities and Real Estate Services.

Schools and Centers are also encouraged to collaborate with Facilities to bring down the needs as quickly as possible. The short-listed projects that are included in the letters represent potential FY 2013 projects. The list may be altered to support other needs deemed higher priorities as they arise. The projects represent a commitment, barring unforeseen emergencies, by the Division of Facilities & Real Estate Services to carry out the projects during the fiscal year of 2013. Any unused funds, following the support of the above-identified projects, will be returned to central Facilities Renewal Funds and redistributed according to updated priorities.