Penn Squash Center

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Home to the University squash courts.

Planning Strategy

The renovation to Penn's squash courts improved the area's circulation and connectivity and enhanced the spectator experience by relocating columns, renovating mezzanine seating, and updating lighting and design features.


The renovation increased the number of squash courts from 10 to 12, featuring two new glass exhibition courts. The lobby was expanded to include a squash hall of fame, as well as new restrooms with full ADA accessibility. It also improved spectator seating and provided separate men's and women's team rooms and coaches offices.

Penn Squash Center

Penn Squash Center

Building Code: 505
Phase: Completed
Year Built: 1959
Floors: 4
Architect: 1968, 2019
Other Name: Ringe, Ringe Courts, Squash Courts
Area Manager
Ferraiolo, Mike
Building Manager
Maurer, Keith