Penn Park

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Penn Park is 24 acres of athletic fields and open space located to the east of Penn's academic campus. The program of the University's Department of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics includes 2 synthetic turf athletic fields, the Dunning-Cohen Champions Field with a seasonal air structure and the James "Ace", Adams Field, a multi-purpose stadium and the 12-court Hamlin Tennis Center. South Field is an informal, natural grass playing field. A surface parking lot occupies the area closest to Lower Walnut Street. Raised landforms support a circulation system of pathways leading to pedestrian bridges that link Penn Park to Walnut Street, the River Fields across the Weave Bridge, and the main campus, via the Goldie Paley Bridge at Franklin Field.

Planning Strategy

Penn Park, a new urban park east of the Highline and stretching from Walnut Street to South Street features a fabric of tightly interwoven recreation and athletic components. Formal and informal play fields are framed and subdivided by patches of canopy trees extending the familiar landscape of the campus.


Penn Park combines elements of sports activity with the opportunity for relaxation and informal play. Athletic venues will include sprint turf fields, a softball stadium, tennis center, and enclosed season air structure.

Penn Park

Penn Park

Building Code: 5700
Gross Area (sq. ft.): 24 Acres
Phase: Completed
Year Built: 2011
Floors: 0
Architect: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
Area Manager
Ferraiolo, Mike
Building Manager
Squeo, Patrick