Class of 1925 (Gregory College House)

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The four Superblock low rises, recall the original scheme of the 1963 master plan for low rise quadrangles, but are planned more with an eye toward modern housing projects than traditional academic quadrangles. The shift to brick was intended to link the complex to the surrounding community.

Planning Strategy

Two 4-story buildings (Van Pelt Manor and Class of 1925) make up Gregory College House, constructed in 1970. They include 106 apartments, accommodating 270 residents. Van Pelt and Class of 1925 are two of the four Hamilton Village low rises. These student residences recall the original scheme of the 1963 master plan for low rise quadrangles in a modern vernacular.


Renovations included redesigned and remodeled community space and lobbies, ADA access, remodeled student bathrooms, painting, flooring, new window treatments and furniture. On the exterior, paving and landscaping was updated and exterior masonry pointing was completed.

Class of 1925 (Gregory College House)

Class of 1925 (Gregory College House)

Building Code: 90
Gross Area (sq. ft.): 39,769
Phase: Completed
Year Built: 1971
Floors: 5
Architect: Eshback, Pullinger, Stevens, Bruder
Trustee Date: 6/12/70
Other Name: CL25, Gregory College House, Modern Languages Residential Program, 1925 House, Low Rise West
Area Manager
Difortorum, Andrea
Building Manager
Majeski, Michelle