Caster Building

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Part of a quadrangle of understated academic buildings that draped contextual brickwork with pilaster like concrete piers that recall the Beaux-arts training of the architect.

Planning Strategy

The Caster Building, built in 1966, serves as the home to the School of Public Policy and Practice. A new entrance fronting Locust Walk was installed, and adjacent lobby renovations were completed in order to establish an improved campus presence and increased efficiency.


Work included the replacement of the existing northern courtyard entrance with a new south facing entrance, porch and accompanying ADA access on the Locust Walk façade.

Caster Building

Caster Building

Building Code: 50
Phase: Completed
Year Built: 1966/2009
Floors: 4
Trustee Date: 11/9/73
Other Name: School of Social Policy & Practice, SP2, School of Social Work, Social Sciences I
Area Manager
Donaldson, Agnes
Building Manager
Wohl, Jerel