Burk-Bergman Boathouse

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Located along Kelly Drive, Boathouse Row was created in 1858.

Planning Strategy

The Additions & Renovation to the Penn Boat House consists of a complete upgrade of the facility.  The design features a contextual expansion of the second-floor volume by demolition and reconstruction of the 1921 boat bay and superstructure, with the significant reconfiguration of the floor plan to allow for improved amenities throughout.  


The addition and renovation to the University of Pennsylvania Boathouse, located along the Schuylkill River, on Philadelphia’s iconic Boathouse Row, was completed in late summer 2022. The existing floor plan was reconfigured to allow for improved ADA accessibility and amenities throughout, like an elevator and dedicated ADA restroom, and also included the restoration of the upper-level grand hall, which includes a curated display of Penn Rowing memorabilia. The restoration also included the creation of an event space and adjacent kitchen and improved locker rooms with equal space and amenities for the men’s and women’s teams. In 2022, the Boathouse was renamed the Burk-Bergman Boathouse after two legendary Penn Rowing coaches.

Burk-Bergman Boathouse

Burk-Bergman Boathouse

Phase: Completed
Area Manager
Ferraiolo, Mike
Building Manager
Maurer, Keith