Penn celebrates operation and benefits of largest solar power project in Pennsylvania

aerial view of a large field of solar panels

As of December 2023, Penn has moved one step closer towards its goal of 100% carbon neutrality on campus by 2042. Great Cove I and II - two solar facilities constructed in Central Pennsylvania as a result of Penn's power purchase agreement (PPA) - reached their commercial operation date. As both facilities now begin to generate power, the project will produce enough energy to power 70% of the total electricity demand of Penn's academic campus and the University of Pennsylvania Health System in the Greater Philadelphia area.

The occasion of these two solar facilities becoming fully operational marks more than three years of partnership, development, and construction between Penn and project partner and owner-operator, AES, since the PPA for the solar power project was signed in February 2020. Read more in Penn Today, and watch the Great Cove Solar Project Video.

Last Updated: March 22, 2024